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I feel like both "a beautiful piece of furniture" and "a piece of ancient furniture" are correct, an I wrong? (tell me if Im getting to far from the original question, its hard to tell if its related or not from my point of view). Перевод контекст "a piece of furniture" c английский на русский от Reverso Context: An infant bed or crib is a piece of furniture. piece of furniture — noun furnishings that make a room or other area ready for occupancy they had too much furniture for the small apartment there was only one piece of furniture in the room Syn: furniture, article of furniture Derivationally related forms В моём доме мало мебели. He bought a piece of furniture at the store. Он купил в магазине мебель. The furniture was covered in dust. Мебель была покрыта пылью. Tom makes beautiful furniture out of wood. Том делает красивую мебель из дерева. Начните вводить искомое слово. piece of furniture.piece of furniture перевод с английского языка на русский язык в других словарях. Хочу изучать английский язык с репетитором. Could you tell me whether the following sentences sound natural? 1. I have to check in my two pieces of baggage before going through to the departure lounge. 2.There are three pieces of furniture in the room. Table is a piece of furniture to have meals at - 2 paices of furniture to lie on - 4 pieces of furniture to sit on - a piece of furniture to sit"Дали задание, а название учебника не сказали. Не откуда списать.

" Мне кажется правильнее было написать так "Мне дали задание, но я тупой долбоеб Правильный англо-русский онлайн словарь - 3 000 САМЫХ ЧАСТОТНЫХ СЛОВ. Перевод слова furniture с английского на русский.piece of furniture. мебель. One of the oddest pieces of furniture is the commode. Initially a French chest of drawers on legs, later called a chiffonier and moved to refer to a movable washstand, with basin, waste pipe, etc. to a piece of furniture containing a chamber pot. Call it an ottoman, hassock, footrest or footstool decorators say ottoman is the preferred term today. The furniture to put your feet up comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs, from antique needlepoint to modern microsuede with built-in storage. Результаты (русский) 1: A piece of furniture. a piece of furniture предмет мебели.

a set of furniture мебельный гарнитур. built-in furniture встроенная мебель.to furnish меблировать, обставлять мебелью. to arrange furniture расставлять мебель. to tile the walls отделать стены кафелем. Youre pretty, sleek, and complex AF. No, the correct way to write that sentence would be: each of these pieces of furniture is used for a different purpose. As furniture covers a genre rather than an individual item, youd need to add pieces of furniture, to be correct. Instead, an agitated woman, their neighbor, met him at a childs crib—a new piece of furniture in Longrens small house. В одно из его редких возвращений домой, он не увидел, как всегда еще издали, на пороге дома свою жену Мери, всплескивающую руками Hi. If I say "I like this furniture" I think it must be referred to the furniture of a room, office in general.Yes, thats correct. "Furniture" is collective, while "a piece of furniture" refers to one chair, table, etc. Для этого могут служить такие слова как: piece, slice, lump и т.д. Давайте рассмотрим и выучим устойчивые, а самое главное лексически правильные сочетания этого самогоa piece of butter - кусок масла a piece of cake - пустячное дело a piece of furniture - предмет мебели a piece of furniture. предмет мебели. a ray of sunshine/light.Здравствуйте, Лерка! Вы правильно объяснили первое предложение: действие началось в прошлом и продолжается сейчас. PIECE OF FURNITURE (noun) The noun PIECE OF FURNITURE has 1 sense: 1. furnishings that make a room or other area ready for occupancy. many tables — much furniture.much advice (a piece of advice). piece of furniture (plural pieces of furniture). An item of furniture any item, such as a table or cupboard, that constitutes furniture. The term piece of furniture is used as a countable version of the mass noun furniture. Others exist as well, such as item of furniture, but are not as common. Many pieces of furniture in. oak are finished in golden, fumed or Early English colors, and unless a choice of finish is stated, we will send the.To Enable Us to Fill All Orders Accurately and Promptly Give Correct Number of Article and State Preferred Color of Coverings. I am banished to the Bower, to be found in it like a piece of furniture whenever wanted. Меня же до поры до времени сунули в "Приют", точно старый стул, - авось когда-нибудь пригожусь. Choose the correct question to the underlined word. (Выберите правильный вопрос к подчеркнутому слову.) They seldom write letters to their friends. a) What do they write?(кусок мыла), a bit of information/fun (немного информации/радости), an item of news (фрагмент новостей), a loaf of bread (буханка хлеба), a piece of furniture/luggage/paperВиды транспорта и связанные с ним глаголы. Как правильно употреблять though, as though, even though и although. Вопрос о Английский (американский вариант). Покажите мне примеры предложений с piece of furniture. Назовите мне как можно больше повседневных выражений. 33. What furniture is there in your flat? 34. What piece of furniture would you like to have in your room? 35. When do you have dinner? A piece of china - изделие из фарфора A piece of furniture - отбельный предмет мебели A piece of music - музыкальное произведение A piece of news - новость По материалам рассылок. Meaning of piece of furniture for the defined word. Грамматически, это идиома " piece of furniture" является Существительные, более конкретно, Исчисляемое Существительное. noun furnishings that make a room or other area ready for occupancy they had too much furniture for the small apartment there was only one piece of furniture in the room Syn: furniture, article of furniture Derivationally related forms a piece of furniture. Less reliable translations. We dont have straight translations, but we think one of translations given below may be right.en An infant bed or crib is a piece of furniture. Common crawl. ru Младенческая кровать или детская кроватка - это предметы мебели. I helped him choose the furniture for his house. Я помогла ему выбрать мебель для своего дома. I cant think of a single piece of furniture in my house that I bought new. Я не могу вспомнить ни одного предмета мебели в моем доме, который я купил новый. Карточка: a piece of furniture Создана : 03.11.2015 Изменена: 03.11.2015 Узнайте, как выучить это слово с помощью карточек. cheap [old-fashioned, polished] furniture — дешёвая [старомодная, полированная] мебель a piece of furniture — мебель (отдельная вещь) furniture factory — мебельная фабрика furniture upholstery material — обивка для мебели furniture pads — резиновые подкладки (Laughter) So Jake Cress is this furniture maker, and he makes this unbelievable set of furniture. (Смех) Так вот, Джэйк Кресс, создатель этой мебели, он сделал этот невероятный комплект мебели.piece of furniture. How do I sand tiny pieces of wood to make miniature furniture? Furniture Poll: What do you call the piece that most consider a Sofa? How can you tell what kind of wood a piece of antique furniture is made of? Перевод PIECE OF FURNITURE с русского на английский язык в русско-английских словарях. More meanings of this word and English-Russian, Russian-English translations for PIECE OF FURNITURE in dictionaries. мебель. furniture / piece of furniture. Piece также используют со словом furniture (мебель): a piece of furniture .А знаете, как будет кукуруза? Правильно corn или maize. piece of furniture / pieces of furniture. предмет мебели м.р. (housekeeping). Подробнее Загружаем My English teacher used to tell me "furniture" is a collective noun, so we can only say "a piece of furniture". But while reading, I met "this furniture" several times. so I am puzzled now. I dont think "this furniture" is correct or standard, I think "this Помимо этого, «a piece» может обозначать отдельный предмет из набора предметов: a piece of furniture предмет мебели, a piece of clothing — предмет одежды. Смотрите следующие примеры применения существительного «a piece». Step 1: Protect floor Put the piece of furniture on some newspaper or a drop cloth to protect your floor from paint. Make sure youre in a well-ventilated location. Step 2: Remove hardware If the item has any hardware, unscrew and remove it now. A Piece of Furniture. Adds More Home to the House and.ness visitor last Monday. A beautiful piece t.r li in., room furniture by la, splendid bed by night double service. Wc have them in tapestry, leathers ami Imitation leathei. Примеры перевода, содержащие a piece of furniture Русско-английский словарь иПредложить в качестве перевода для a piece of furnitureКопировать Pieces of furniture where you can keep your things in перевод(предметы мебели где вы можите хранить ваши вещи в). Things that make the room cosy and comfortable. перевод(вещиКак правильно сказать на английском, "Usage of swear words"/"The usage of swear words"? Используйте выражение а piece of furniture для одного предмета и pieces of furniture для многих предметов мебели.Правильно мыслите. По-русски будет переводиться одинаково. А когда говорят по-английски, есть небольшая разница по отдаленности объекта. Переводы piece of furniture в словаре русско » английский (Перейти к англо » русский). Показать список всех ответов. pieces of furniture.Только, в отличие от множественного числа, оно идет с апострофом, то есть с запятой вверху s. Примеры выше правильнее было бы перевести: my wifes bag, Svetas notebook, my mothers love. предмет мебели - перевод "a piece of furniture" с английского на русский.

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